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Centered around the main team behind Cake, Palm Beach Ventures is the forerunner in angel investing. Powered by a full service venture firm, our mission is to support exceptional founders through just, swift transactions. Our emphasis lies in identifying and nurturing success opportunities. Our extensive network of friends and partners across the Australian ecosystem positions us to collaborate effectively with exceptional founders. Our firsthand experience with the challenges of launching a startup enables us to provide valuable support and guidance.


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Palm Beach Ventures is actively raising Fund 2, seeking trailblazers to add to our portfolio of over 20 game-changing investments. We've surpassed $500k in deployed capital into startups that redefine industries, including Entry Level, Aquila Earth, Aussie Angels, GGWP, Startmate and Cloutly. Investing alongside top-tier investors Blackbird, Airtree, and Ten13.

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Experience the synergy of our online and offline community spaces. Join the beta phase of our visionary tech community and be among the first to access our Southern GC tech hub—a collaborative initiative Pipeline Capital and Cake Equity.

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Gain a competitive edge with our commercial advisory services, designed to support your capital raise journey. Benefit from our fractional sales expertise and bespoke go-to-market strategies. Plus, amplify your brand's presence with growth-focused marketing solutions from Palm Beach Digital.

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It's critical startup equity holders get the opportunity to access liquidity and realise the value of their hard-earned share options. We're thrilled to soon launch Australia's leading network for secondary equity transactions. Our mission is to empower founders and early employees to unlock the potential of their holdings, while providing investors with exciting opportunities in Australia's thriving startup ecosystem.

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PBV Syndicate, a foundational aspect of Palm Beach Ventures, serves as a bridge to the cutting-edge of innovation. By joining our syndicate you'll get access to exclusive startup funding rounds and invest deal-by-deal in world-changing startups. With over $500k invested in pre-seed and seed rounds over 12 months, we've been part of the entrepreneurial journey for companies that are now household names in the startup world. Our collaborative efforts have coalesced with industry giants like Startmate, Airtree, Blackbird, and TEN13, fostering growth and innovation across the board. 

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Fueling Founder Success at Palm Beach Ventures x Capital Meets Innovation on the Gold Coast

Dive into the world of Palm Beach Ventures, where the warm Gold Coast sun meets the future of technology and entrepreneurship. We're in the business of spotting the undervalued, the overlooked, and the outright brilliant. Our eyes are on the horizon for the next generation of innovators ready to disrupt the status quo. With Fund 2 in full swing, we're not just writing checks; we're crafting legacies. We've already channeled over $500k into over 20 startups that are reshaping the landscape, alongside co-investors who move the needle. And now, we're gearing up for secondaries – coming soon – to bring liquidity to the table, making the venture journey as dynamic as the founders we back. Our narrative is one of grit, growth, and the sheer joy of building something monumental. Whether you're bootstrapping or ready for the big leagues, we're here to amplify your ascent

About us

Nestled in the innovative hub of Gold Coast QLD, Palm Beach Ventures stands as a bastion of progress for the daring and the driven. Our venture capital studio is the cornerstone for startups that dare to dream big, providing not only the capital but also the strategic acumen necessary to thrive in today's competitive marketplace.

Kane Templeton, our co-founder, is a maestro of sales and go-to-market strategies, having successfully closed thousands of Seed and Series A+ companies across Australia, the US, Singapore, and beyond. His approach is hands-on, his insight is laser-sharp, and his track record speaks for itself—turning startups into scaleups with seamless precision.

Jason Atkins, the other half of our founding team, is a force to be reckoned with. From navigating Cake's ascent from $0 to over $3M ARR to establishing it as the leading equity management platform across 50 countries, Jason's journey is a testament to tenacity. His expertise in equity, capital raising, and operational scaling has been instrumental in the success of countless startups. Jason’s vision for innovation and entrepreneurship as a means to solve society's greatest challenges is woven into the fabric of our investment philosophy.

And let's not forget the unsung heroes of our daily operations, our assistant fur-babies, Arlo and Pogo, whose unwavering spirit and joy infuse our work with a sense of play and persistence.

Together, we make Palm Beach Ventures more than just a venture capital studio. We are a collective of dreamers and doers, united by a singular goal—to nurture the seeds of today into the industry leaders of tomorrow.

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Whether you're looking to join our vibrant investor community, seeking strategic investment to catapult your startup's growth, or require expert advisory services, we're here to guide your journey. Fill out the form below to start a conversation that could redefine your future. Palm Beach Ventures is committed to responding to your venture capital needs with the insight and attention they deserve.

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